Excellence, agility and innovation are in our DNA.


Years in the market

Large experience with complex projects alongside multi-nacional cooperation.


Projects in production

Across different industries, we have products attending the local and international markets.


Customer Satisfaction

The quality and compromise have consistently guaranteed happy customers throughout the years.

More than a product team, we’re business partners.

Based on our experience, the biggest ideas often stem from iterative work. We work together with our customers in a collaborative process that revolves around specific success metrics, rapid prototyping, continuous testing and deliveries. Learn more watching our video below.

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Our Values

Materialization of practices and actions that we believe in and that pave the company's culture.

glow in the look

We are passionate about what we do and how we do things.

always do better

We give our best and improve ourselves day by day.

Build trust

Honesty and transparency are the foundation of our relationships.


We are leaders that empower each other towards collective progress.


We work together to achieve the best results.

Our values are reflected in our achievements.



From concept to launch, we collaborate to design and build Protexxa's platform enabling the first investment round and propelling their mission to revolutionize cybersecurity.

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in annual savings for one of Appen's products we worked on. Successful nearshore software development partnership spanning over 5 years with multiple projects delivered.

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Combining our agile engineering approach with a high-quality design process, we successfully launched a new feature in just 30 days.

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Also cause impact within contributors.

The purpose of our work is to assist people through technology. We are a team of professionals with a shared passion, an eagerness to impact the lives of those around us, and those we can reach through our products.

— Fernando Lacerda Neto

Tech Lead @ Novatics


And our knowledge is shared within our community.

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Novatics is a consultancy firm specializing in software design and development. We support companies globally in delivering innovative projects on time and on budget.

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