How we helped Protexxa provide a cybersecurity solution for companies around the world.



Cyber Security


Dedicated Team


Responsive Web App

Solution Architecture

Product Strategy

Design UI/UX

QA and Testing


Express (NodeJs)


Kafka (AWS MSK)

AWS Cognito with MFA

AWS ElasticBeanstalk

The Customer

Protexxa is a Canadian B2B SaaS cybersecurity startup that uses Artificial Intelligence to quickly identify, assess, predict, and resolve cybersecurity issues.

The Challenge

We teamed up with a non-tech founder experienced in cybersecurity to develop an innovative solution in a competitive industry. Our collaboration with Protexxa resulted in the creation of a sophisticated data-driven platform that identifies vulnerabilities and risks across employees and companies. The system also offers an index measuring an organization's cybersecurity maturity, along with actionable improvement recommendations.



Just a few months to production

From concept to launch, we collaborate end-to-end to design and build the platform.


First investment round

Our solution helped Protexxa secure their first investment round, propelling their mission to revolutionize cybersecurity.


Years partnership

We're proud to have contributed to their success by building the initial version, assisting in team formation, and continuing to evolve the platform together.

01. Enhancing insights: Exploring customer journeys with the NPC framework.

By applying the Novatics Product Concept Framework (NPC), we deepened our understanding of the market landscape, personas, customer journey, and pain points. This enabled us to shape the product vision by designing a roadmap strategy focused on accelerating value delivery and fostering continuous learning from the product.


It was exciting to work on a project that required a modern and flexible data architecture. We constructed a pipeline capable of gathering and asynchronously processing various sources. Additionally, we developed a module responsible for data analysis and automated insights generation.

Álvaro Sobral

Senior Software Engineer @ Novatics

02. Crafting an agile architecture for product evolution

We created a modern and flexible data and frontend architecture designed to enhance productivity and accommodate the evolution of the product. In the backend, our solution is built on a serverless foundation, enabling seamless integration of new modules while maintaining the asynchronous nature of the application.


03. Collaborating from concept to launching and beyond

With insights gained from prototypes and architectural definitions, we embarked on refining the UX/UI design and adopted an Agile engineering approach to craft a lightweight application. This methodology ensures flexibility to accommodate changes, speedy delivery, scalability, and ultimately enables the product launch, setting the stage for investment rounds. More than just a service provider, Novatics serves as a strategic nearshore software development partner for Protexxa, offering end-to-end digital product expertise with a cost-effective team and a friendly timezone, facilitating strong collaboration between teams.


“The dedication and work of the Novatics team combined with the agility in delivering always impressed us.“

Claudette McGowan

Chief Executive Officer @ Protexxa

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