From concept to launch, how we helped Coterie launch a new digital product in just a few months.


Sports Platform




Responsive Web App

Solution Architecture

Product Strategy

Design UI/UX

QA and Testing




OAuth2 (auth0)

AWS ElasticBeanstalk

Prisma (PostgreSQL)

The customer

Coterie is a Canadian startup that promotes women's participation in sports through an online community.

The Challenge

The app revolutionizes the learning process of sports by gamifying it, effortlessly connecting sports enthusiasts, both in-person and virtually. Our challenge in this project was to craft captivating gamification journeys that engage individuals and communities, promoting meaningful interactions and connections.



MVP in production

Combining our agile engineering approach with a high-quality design process, we successfully launched the MVP in production in just 90 days.


In savings

Our cost-effective team with our friendly timezone for the US, helped Coterie to gain runway, efficiency, and collaboration.


Years partnership

As a world-class nearshore software development partner Novatics provided a end-to-end support to delivering great design, perfect pixel frontend applications and a robust backend ready to scale.

01. Exploring personas and crafting engaging gamification strategies

We collected and interviewed personas to understand their needs and expectations, created a user journey map and devised gamification strategies that promote engagement for both individuals and communities.


One of our main challenges was to design various gamification mechanisms across the user journey that fostered engagement and interactions between users and their communities.

Erica Santos

UX Designer @ Novatics

02. Phased delivery strategy: From ideation to prototyping

We idealized and prioritized functionalities to create a phased delivery strategy with corresponding learning objectives and metrics.  All this information guided the creation of prototypes for validation.


03. Crafting agile solutions: Refinement and flexibility

After receiving feedback from the prototypes, we refined the UX/UI design and created a lightweight, agile technological architecture that provided flexibility for change, fast delivery, and scalability.


“Novatics is helping us to bring this project to the world. We had hard time finding someone who had all the skills we needed, but their team is competent and great to work with.“

Carol Miranda

Co-founder and CTO @ Coterie

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